Atari Brings Fallout 3 Back In Australia

Atari Brings Fallout 3 Back In Australia

According to the new Atari Australia release schedule, Fallout 3 is getting a re-release in Australia on May 21. .

This comes after the game’s original distributor Red Ant went bust in January this year. Since then, copies of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG have been hard to come by on retail shelves around the country.

It now appears as if Atari has picked up the slack, signing a deal with Bethesda to bring Fallout 3 back to Australia from next month. When contacted Atari wouldn’t comment on whether this was a one-off deal for Fallout 3 or if they would also be handling all future Bethesda releases.


  • “Hard to come by on retail shelves around the country”? I had no idea; I see it pretty much everywhere in JBs or EBs or GAMEs or what have you.

    Not meant to be a NO UR RONG post, but I’ve not noticed it at all.

  • Could not find a copy anywhere .. ended up ordering it from CD Wow .. took 2.5 months for them to deliver it!!! UK copy, still good locally.

    • This was the same for me ordering from CDWOW. 2.5 months!

      Fortunately, I’ve had FC2 to keep me occupied.

  • you know what would be great?

    if they packaged it as a cheaper or goty style game, with the DLC on it as an extra, such as the new areas, and the ending + level cap removal.

  • i got a sexy pre-owned copy from the sexy girl at EB Games last week. and it was a pristine sexy pre-owned version. Sexy!

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