Atari Brings Fallout 3 Back In Australia

According to the new Atari Australia release schedule, Fallout 3 is getting a re-release in Australia on May 21. .

This comes after the game's original distributor Red Ant went bust in January this year. Since then, copies of Bethesda's post-apocalyptic RPG have been hard to come by on retail shelves around the country.

It now appears as if Atari has picked up the slack, signing a deal with Bethesda to bring Fallout 3 back to Australia from next month. When contacted Atari wouldn't comment on whether this was a one-off deal for Fallout 3 or if they would also be handling all future Bethesda releases.


    "Hard to come by on retail shelves around the country"? I had no idea; I see it pretty much everywhere in JBs or EBs or GAMEs or what have you.

    Not meant to be a NO UR RONG post, but I've not noticed it at all.

    Could not find a copy anywhere .. ended up ordering it from CD Wow .. took 2.5 months for them to deliver it!!! UK copy, still good locally.

      This was the same for me ordering from CDWOW. 2.5 months!

      Fortunately, I've had FC2 to keep me occupied.

    you know what would be great?

    if they packaged it as a cheaper or goty style game, with the DLC on it as an extra, such as the new areas, and the ending + level cap removal.

    Wha? they were everywhere! itd be good if it included the dlc's.

    I was wondering why this game was so hard to come by - now I know what to tell my customers.

    i got a sexy pre-owned copy from the sexy girl at EB Games last week. and it was a pristine sexy pre-owned version. Sexy!

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