Atlus Delays Steal Princess Until People Know About It

Atlus has officially delayed their DS puzzle platformer hybrid Steal Princess until May, in order to make sure more people are aware that Steal Princess exists.

Atlus is mastering the art of the delay lately, having pushed back the DS title Class of Heroes to June just a few short days ago. Now it's Steal Princess' turn, being delayed so as to make sure more people purchase it, which seems like a pretty wise decision.

"Releasing a few weeks later gives us more time to familiarize gamers with this creative, original title," stated Tim Pivnicny, VP of Sales and Marketing at Atlus. "Because Steal Princess will be available through fewer sales channels and in smaller quantities than other Atlus releases, finding the optimal launch conditions is critical to ensuring that this daring new release avoids getting lost in an already busy April."

In the meantime, Atlus offers us a glimpse at the lovely mini-poster pack inside every copy, perfect for decorating your favourite mini-wall.

To learn more about Steal Princess, visit the game's official website, preferably before the new May 19th release date, lest they delay it again.


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