Atlus Does Downloadable With Droplitz

Atlus USA is getting set to make their Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and iPhone debut with Droplitz, a fluid puzzle game from Blitz Arcade.

Droplitz, also being released for the PC, is a puzzle game involving getting water from one end of a set of pipes to the other. The pipes are set into hexagonal blocks, which must be rotated to create paths for the falling water, with creating combos to achieve high scores being the order of the day. It looks like a game that could start off relaxing and quickly have you tearing out your hair.

Droplitz drops in late spring, and marks Atlus' debut in North America as a publisher of downloadable titles, as well as their first appearance on both the PlayStation 3 and iPhone. Sure it's a puzzle game and not a quirky Japanese role-playing game that requires the main character fish for dates in a magical pond. Everybody has to start somewhere.


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