AU Diary: Games I'm Quite Looking Forward To


I've just finalised my registration for E3, having booked my flight and accommodation a couple of weeks back. My expectations for this year's event - to be held June 2-4 over in LA - are higher than for last year's. It's exciting!

Organisers are promising more spectacle than found at last year rather limp showing and the earlier June timing means more news and announcements from publishers. But the main reason for my excitement is all those new games I'll get to play.

Here are the titles I've put at the top of my list to check out at E3:
* Brutal Legend - Tim Schafer can do no wrong (although Jack Black certainly can)
* Heavy Rain - I loved Quantic Dream's Fahrenheit and Omikron: The Nomad Soul (their first game) and I want to see their next step in narrative design
* Alan Wake - Really hoping this points us toward a new direction for the survival horror genre.
* Alpha Protocol - I'll admit, the recent trailer looked rough, but writer/designer Chris Avellone is clearly a talented guy. I have faith
* Scribblenauts - This is exactly the kind of so-crazy-it-just-might-work game the DS was invented for
* BioShock 2 - Despite the hokey-sounding premise (at least based on the minimal info), I'm prepared to be persuaded to return to Rapture
* Rock Band PSP - Because I still prefer Frequency to playing with plastic instruments. And this'll probably be released in Australia before Rock Band 2
* Whatever the hell Warren Spector is working on at Disney - C'mon man, show us something!

What games are you most looking forward to this year?



    A sound list indeed.
    I'd have something very similar if I was lucky enough to be attending - however I would probably add Deathspank to the list ( if there was any chance of anything being shown at E3 ).

    You should create an official Kotaku (omfg!this thing is massively awesome dude!)Twitter site thingy and on-the-spot-update whilst watching Bioshock 2 gameplay?...lucky bastid.

    But seriously, it could be a good idea/fun.

    HE'S LYING!!!! He's not interested in these games at all - it's an April fools joke!


    With Arkham Asylum due out in June, I doubt it'll be shown at E3.

    David, do you think they will be showing updates to:
    -God of War
    -DC MMO
    -Star Wars MMO
    -Splinter Cell?

    Alan Wake yes, this was announced way too early though. Survival Horror has died in the arse a bit, and I don't really want the genre turning into an all out action fest ala RE5, or into fps.

    Bioshock 2: I never played 1, but all the content on 2 has me frantically looking for a cheap copy for xbox.

    +Braid for Mac: Mac screens are beautiful; Braid is beautiful; sexy times ahead.


    Yes. Probably. Yes. No. Yes.

    Borderlands anyone?
    Halo 3: ODST footage/gameplay
    New GTA IV content information
    Something from Bungie or Microsoft in relation to Halo.
    Maybe an announcement & some footage/gameplay of Rainbow Six Vegas 3 and Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 3
    DEFINITELY has to be and if not - stupid, stupid mistake on Infinity Wards behalf - gameplay footage of Modern Warfare 2 and clear up on whether it is Call of Duty or not?

    Surely Blizzard will have one of their terrible two playable there (I read someone one will definately be released this year)!!

    And please, please, please, any updates regarding Kingdom Under Fire II would be appreciated :)

    Hmm, David, do you think Introversion will be showing off Subversion? I haven't looked into this years E3, so I don't even know who is going. :D

    I would add Prototype to the list, of games I'm looking forward to, although with a June 9 release date I doubt we will be learning much about it at E3.

    Nice photo David, you brush up quite well.

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