AU Diary: Hello Melbourne!

AU Diary: Hello Melbourne!


Yes, I’m in sunny Melbourne today. Why’s that? I’ll be listening to the guy who designed Planescape: Torment give a talk.

I’ve flown down from Sydney to attend Framework, an industry event where people talk about games. One of the speakers is Chris Avellone, now of Obsidian Entertainment and formerly of Black Isle Studios. He’s worked on games such as Fallout 2, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights 2 and its Mask of the Betrayer expansion, Knights of the Old Republic 2 and of course Planescape: Torment. As the latter is in my top ten games of all time, I’m quite excited to hear what he has to say.

I’ll be writing something up about it when I get back, so stay tuned.


  • Welcome to Melbourne!

    Looking at the website seems like you could have waited 2 days and gone to the Brissie Framework instead!

    Seems like an interesting event. I’d be really interested in hearing David Gaider, speaking about writing stories for games.

  • It just sounds like a fun excuse for game designers to get out of the office for the day,
    Come on guys, we’ve got a game about a talking dog to finish 🙁

  • There is change in the air….a wind of change….I just hope the site isn’t pulling a bad face when it does, however.

  • Ahhh!! What happened! I turn my back 1 second, and the whole layout changes.

    O well, change can be good

  • Although totally unrelated:
    I really prefer the old main page layout. I don’t mind the individual article’s layout, it’s just the homepages.

    I found the original layout easier to read, as I paid more attention to (and therefore read) the larger pictures and titles. In fact that’s the only reason I bookmarked the Australian version over the US.

    For Lifehacker US the smaller, more compact layout works because most of the posts are just small tips, etc- whereas on Kotaku the posts are news stories and articles, which I think deserve more space, as it’s visually easier to digest.

    Heck, even a few more lines of whitespace between the articles in the home pages would help.

    Hope some people agree.

  • Probably too late to suggest questions (assuming you get a chance to ask some) But I’d be interested to hear how he feels to have a chance to work on the new Fallout Game that was outsourced to Obsidian from Bethesda.

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