AU Diary: Resident Evil 5 Made Me Sick

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Apparently motion sickness caused from playing games is reasonably common. It had never happened to me though... until Resident Evil 5.

A friend and I have been dipping in and out of the co-operative campaign for the past few weeks. We were playing again on Sunday night, finally getting pretty close to the end. Right at the climax of chapter 5, we took a break as my friend grabbed some food.

I stood up. I felt dizzy.

I went to walk across the room. The room was spinning.

I made it to my bed and lay down. Looking up, I could've sworn the bedroom light was moving across the ceiling while paint blotches were racing each other round in circles. My whole sense of balance was out of whack. I contemplated throwing up, but somehow persuaded my stomach against it. In the end, I lay there for an hour or so before I was able to get up again, although I was still reeling when I did and decided to try to sleep it off instead.

If you've finished Resident Evil 5, you probably know which section of the game did this to me. For those who haven't, there's a sequence on a rotating elevator that sees the platform spinning around at various speeds while you're trying to shoot. We'd just been through this part about 15 minutes before we stopped playing. It didn't hit me at the time, but as soon as I took my eyes off the screen I was churning.

As I said, I've never been hit by motion sickness via a video game before. But now I'm curious to find out how common it really is. Do you suffer from motion sickness? And what types of games are the worst for it?


    Don't over do the word 'I' you used it roughly 12+ times... Do you really think a 'journalist' would right such a self centered article? Do you consider your experiences really that important/news worthy?

    I can't say I have ever had that experience you described from playing a video game. That must be pretty awful. Then again the level you describe can do that. One of my friends almost always got sick after playing Prey in multiplayer.

    I know motion sickness can be countered if you keep focusing on a static object, like when you get sick in the back of a car.
    Don't know if this applies to games though.

    Maybe you should stare at Chris or Sheva's head while killing zombies?


    Shut the door on your way out. Cheers.

    You sure it was RE5? I work in the health industry and theres a spate of dizzy cases at the moment - linked to a mild virus. if it is, you can expect various dizzy vertigo instances across a few weeks.

    @ Jesus

    It's a diary piece, not a formal journalistic entry. It's a description of the author's experience with that part of the game, thus the usage of 'I' is irrelevant.

    If you're not interested, don't read it - it's really that simple. Whod've thought that?

    I Had that Virus 1 week ago - Dizzy spells which took about 5 hours to get rid of. I did the opposite, went home from work and played video games - seem to sooth it.

    I wish it was still Sunday so I could say that Jesus really got up on the wrong side of his ressurection tomb this morning.

    Anyway, I've never had a bad case that I can remember, but my cousin said that after playing Mirror's Edge for 20 minutes he had to lie down for two hours.

    @ Jesus

    Obvious troll is obvious

    Games that give me motion sickness: Doom, Half Life, Half Life 2. It's not even at a certain stage. About half an hour in, I feel a little queasy.
    So, it figures, the FPS genre might have something to do with it, right?
    And yet I've never had even the slightest feeling of motion sickness in all the other FPSes I've played. No dizzyness, no headache, no weird feeling in my stomach. Call of Duty 1,2,4, Halo, Left 4 Dead, TF2, STALKER, FEAR, UT, nothing. Nothing at all. Even more strangely, not even Half Life 2 Episodes 1&2.

    I couldn't handle the zero gravity in Crysis-made my head spin for hours every time I played. Made me give up the game in the end.

    The underwater section at the start of Tomb Raider Underworld wasn't too pleasant either.

    I get motion sickness all the time from playing games.
    It started back on the Nintendo 64 with games like Banjo Kaoozie and Donkey Kong 64. I've tried to avoid games with fast jerky camera angles ever since and was doing fine till Mario Galaxy. I still haven't finished it because I can only play it for 20 minutes at a time without feeling like I want to throw up.
    Mind you I can't even sit on a tram backwards without feeling like a chunder which is a bit weak.

    I've suffered from motion sickness in FPS games since DOOM was released.

    Marathon, Half Life, Quake, Halo you name it: I get sick from them. I can't even ::think:: about Quake without feeling mild nausea. (Seriously.)

    With RE5, I started playing 10 minutes per day. Then I'd have a rest, recuperate. Slowly, I've built up my resistance.

    But, yesterday, I played a little too long, ended up fevered and with a major headache.

    RE5 in particular is hard because you often don't have a useful reticle with which to focus your attention. Your attention wanders around the screen too easily, leading to the type of sickness you get if you're not driving in a car.

    To those people who don't suffer from this motion sickness: good for you. But it's a real problem for those who do.

    I've only played the demo of Mirror's Edge in a store but as soon as I stopped I had a lesser version of what you just described, I was walking on egg shells for an hour after.
    Worst, for me, is Half Life 2 and that's while I'm playing it, which is a shame because I'm enjoying myself if not for my stomach playing pogo. I can't play it for more than 10-15mins at a time unless I want to paint my screen.

    Cut Jesus a break, it's a tough time of the year for him.

    I've only experienced motion sickness in two games before; one being Doom (7-10min) the other being The Simpsons Game (30-45min). Everything else though has been fine... I've played through RE5 almost 4 times now and its never been a problem for me.

    I just finished Half-Life 2 again yesterday.
    Same sort of problem with the dizziness after a while, try increasing the field of view in the graphics options.
    It's the same with CoD4, the default field of view feels like you've got tunnel vision and throws your brain out of whack.

    It's actually called Simulation Sickness in this case. Lots of people get it. In fact, it can have effects on people without you even realising it. For example, a while back I interviewed for a job working on the air force's simulation systems. One of the interviewers told me that they won't clear pilots to fly until at least 24 hours after the last time they were on a simulator because it can screw with your perception.

    Personally I used to have a few problems as a kid, but now I only ever have problems with vertigo or dizzyness if I am playing while extremely fatigued, or playing while sick. I don't know if I can attribute it to significant numbers of hours spent poring over games like Marathon and Doom as a young child (a lot of people cite them as being complete barf-fests) but it really doesn't affect me at all any more.

    True, I haven't got motion sickness from RE5 yet, but gears of war games, Yes. Tip if you start to feel weird turn that shit off.

    Yeah, I have a co-worker who can't play any sort of FPS game.

    I use to get motion sickness when I played Oblivion; specifically when I'd ride a horse. It was awfully jerky and nauesating. Maybe this sensation wasn't helped by the fact that I'd try and maxout the video options on, at that stage, mid-level hardware.

    I first noticed it about 8 years ago. Not quite the way you describe it, more like a general nausea and headache. As time goes on, as game graphics improve, my problem gets worse. Its mostly first person (and a select few third person) action games that consist of fairly constant movement. Games with a generally static camera position (RTS for example) are perfectly fine.
    Hmm, it would appear even thinking about it gives me a slight 'unwell' feeling...

    I was Dave's co-op buddy for this session, and I too felt sick. Sick of the repetitive gameplay, sick of the designers' inability to grasp the basics of co-op, sick of the disappointment that continues to grow the more I play RE5.

    Lay off the reefer while you're playing - don't you know that shit makes you terrible at games!
    The last time I experienced motion sickness from a game was playing Croc on a massive projector at my dads work. I think the game had a quick 180 button, watching the whole wall spin around did me in.

    I've always felt kinda bad for my best friend who can't really play FPS games very often because she gets motion sickness pretty easily. Sometimes she'll play on through the motion sickness but really feel it afterwards. It's a real shame cause she loves FPS games.

    I count myself lucky I've never really had to deal with it myself.

    There is a very simple solution to your problem.

    You'll need :

    Bag of Cement x 1
    Large milkshake cup x 1

    Mix it all together, drink it and harden the fuck up.

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