Aussie Charts: An Old Fave Returns

Aussie Charts: An Old Fave Returns


Hmm, that new game jumping to #4 on this week’s chart looks a little familiar…

Oh yeah, it’s Call of Duty 4 getting a new lease of life thanks to the newly mid-priced Game Of The Year edition and the average 360 owner’s desire to, well… shoot things.

All Format Full-Priced Games Top 10 for the w/e April 5:

1. Wii Play (Wii)
2. Wii Fit (Wii)
3. Singstar Queen (PS2)
4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare GOTY Edition (360)
5. Brain Training (DS)
6. Mario Kart (Wii)
7. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (DS)
8. Killzone 2 (PS3)
9, More Brain Training (DS)
10. Resident Evil 5 (PS3)


  • Hopefully there’s a huge increase in Australians playing it online. I’ve been getting a few less laggy games lately.

  • What happened to Halo Wars?

    All of a sudden its just disappeared after hanging around for so long…

  • Is this GOTY Edition JUST been released? Because if so, they are a year and a bit too late! Either way, after all the copies that have been sold and the amount of time it has passed – it is still VERY expensive, as with Halo 3. Now i own Halo & CoD (CoD not being my own game but at the same time, pretty much) – it still irritates me how they don’t drop the prices of such games.

  • Yeah I have both Halo 3 and COD4 and got my 360 a few months ago, just picked up call of duty 4. Both great games and such but I agree with the pricing. Halo 3 is still selling for an average of 70 bucks in stores, years after being released. COD4 is about fifty bucks, which is alright but you’d think it would be cheaper, even after COD5 came out.

  • A few weeks ago COD4 was selling for $115 at most stores, long after COD5 was out.

    I’d feel happier recommending COD4 if they did Aussies the courtesy of updating it with the “select local games only” option that’s in COD5.

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