Aussie Retailers Make Up Starcraft II Release Dates


Hey, you wanna know when Starcraft II is coming out? Well, you could check in with several Australian retailers. Or you could wait for Blizzard to make it official.

A number of readers have dropped us a line about some release dates added to retail listings for Starcraft II.

There's JB Hi-Fi claiming a September 15, 2009 release. And then there's GAME betting on an optimistic August 7, 2009 release.

So we'd just like to take this opportunity to say: IT'S ALL LIES!

Don't believe everything you read on a retailer website. When Starcraft II has a confirmed release date, Blizzard will tell us.

[Thanks to Callum F and everyone else who sent this in!]


    The dates retailers have in their POS systems is ALWAYS a placeholder date given to them by suppliers. These guys aren't lying, they are acting on information provided to them by suppliers. Any gamer staff memeber will tell you Starcraft 2 isn't dated yet, but staff that don;t know any better will work on the information given them.

    I agree with the other comment. That September 15 date was the date that they had most of last year when Wrath of the Litch King was waiting for release. Once they had a "real" release date it was changed.

    I can see your point, but honestly, wouldn't you expect a staff member to have a little bit of knowledge with their games? Any one with at least a little bit of interset in starcraft 2 would understand that there is no release date yet. I think the ignorance of staff and resellers just makes them look stupid, and it also misleads customers. Anyway, I've recently started a blog where I've tried to aggregate all of the latest news and information related to the Starcarft 2 release date. You might like to check it out at


    "The dates retailers have in their POS systems is ALWAYS a placeholder date given to them by suppliers"

    that's true, but i've never seen placeholders dates have a specific day listed... in our computers at work (EB Games) ALL products that haven't got a confirmed date so far, have 31/12/2009 listed next to them...

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