Banana Eating Cat Ear PS3 Game Not Expressive

PS3 soul breeding role-playing-game Agarest Senki ZERO once again has players battle monsters and chat up girls.

This time around, the fair maiden's facial expressions change based on the options you select while talking them up. Their outfits can also change as well — and sometimes there are banana-eating cat-ear-wearing cutscenes. Nothing says bath time like bananas, nothing.

According to the developer, this game is more "sexy" than the previous title, which featured embarrassing food eating. What wonders await us this June when the game is released!

Agarest Senki ZERO? More like Agarest Senki ZERO Expression.

『アガレスト戦記ZERO』光と闇の戦いを描く一大戦記開演 [Famitsu via PS3 Hyper]


    Lol those banana eating girls, omg japan on kotaku this week has cracked me up, and tainted my soul just a bit.

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