Battlefield Heroes Coming This Summer

I never got into Battlefield, ever, but for some reason, Battlefield Heroes looks like a blast. Must be the Nazis in shorts. Anyway, it's been a while coming, but should now be "out" this summer.

While various closed betas have been kicking around for months now, the "open beta" - in other words the release of the game - will begin "this summer", according to Electronic Arts.

So if you've been hangin' out to pilot a cartoon spitfire with a guy who has a handlebar moustache and a peg-leg, you've only got a few months left to wait.

Battlefield Heroes Finally Open This Summer [Giant Bomb]


    I got accepted into the beta for this, but the client is way too big for my feeble telstra plan.

    ethan if you want to give me the key id love to give it ago

    When I installed the firefox addon it said there was 4Gbs that it had to download. It only downloaded 2mb and was finished. Then when you restart firefox and click 'play now' the addon will download the parts of the game/update them if necessary to your computer. The download is not as big as you probably think it would be.

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