Battlestations: Pacific Ups The Cheesecake Factor

Eidos sexes up World War II quite a bit, with the inclusion of award-winning burlesque artist Miss Polly Rae as aircraft nose art in Battlestations: Pacific.

Originally used as a method to mark friendly aircraft, nose-art eventually became a way for pilots to express their individuality, evoking memories of a more peaceful time to help cut the stress of fighting in a war. If anyone fits that bill, it's UK burlesque model Miss Polly Rae. The front woman of Britain's award-winning burlesque troupe, Hurly Burly, Miss Rae certainly looks to embody everything World War II pilots miss about being back home, and then some.

Polly will be featured as one of the many pieces of nose art available in Battlestations: Pacific, which should go great lengths to making sure players avoid getting the front of their plane shot off. Check out the gallery below for screens of Polly heating up the heat of battle.

battlestations pacific 20090418 1.jpg

battlestations pacific 20090418 2.jpg

battlestations pacific 20090418 3.jpg


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