Bethesda Softworks Getting WET?

According to the latest issue of Famitsu, third-person "acrobatic" shooter WET has found a new publisher in Bethesda Softworks. Orphaned by Activision-Blizzard last Summer, the A2M-developed game has been without a publisher following Sierra's extinction.

Retail listings for WET also back up Famitsu's mention (by way of Siliconera) the game's new home, with GameFly listing Bethesda as the game's publisher. While WET's not the typical fare for Bethesda, who are better known for work on The Elder Scrolls series and Fallout 3, we'd think it's a good opportunity for the developer-publisher to expand its slate, while saving an interesting looking shooter at the same time.

See? "Besesuda Sofutowakusu," says the new issue of Famitsu.

We know that Bethesda has been showing off some of its upcoming wares in London this week, but we'll await further confirmation on the matter before calling it anything other than rumour.


    Yay. Wet..

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