Bethesda's London Event

Last week, Bethesda Softworks gathered game writers in London to check out their upcoming titles during a two-day long gamers' day.

The event gave those present a look at WET, Rogue Warrior, the latest Fallout 3 downloadable content, and a chance to talk to the publisher and their developer about some of their upcoming games and projects.

While travel was paid for, our coverage was not. Here's a break down of what I wrote from the event:

New Fallout Announced Fallout 3 Delivers Puppies! on May 5 WET: Guns, Leather, Swords and Acrobatics Rogue Warrior Carpet F-Bombs With Rourke Bethesda Teams With Del Rey For Elder Scroll Novels Despite the Trash Talk, No Taunt Button in Rogue Warrior Bethesda Says Snog Me Senseless With Mints


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