BioWare Apologises For Gay, Lesbian Star Wars Discussion

Yesterday, members of the official Star Wars: The Old Republic forum asked developer BioWare to "rethink" its policy on filtering the words "gay" and "lesbian" from posts. The official response was not elegant.

Star Wars: The Old Republic community manager Sean Dahlberg quieted talk of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender themes in the MMO by writing that "As I have stated before, these are terms that do not exist in Star Wars" and locking the discussion thread. That lead to further allegations of GLBT "discrimination," with knowledgeable fans pointing out instances of same sex relationships in the extended Star Wars universe.

Today, BioWare reps have decided to unfilter homosexual discussion, reopening the discussion thread and issuing a mea culpa.

Star Wars: The Old Republic community manager Sean Dahlberg issued the following apology and explanation:

I would like to personally apologise to "Elikal" and anyone I may have offended. My intention was not to demean anyone but simply to help promote a community that could discuss topics in a mature fashion. When I first built the word filter list, I added a variety of terms to the word filter that have been used numerous times in derogatory messaging. There were some words added to the filter that should not have been – we corrected this today.

I apologise for the confusion that this has created but I would like to be clear that there was never any intent to limit discussion. That said, I have overstepped my boundaries in my original statement and I sincerely apologise for doing so.


    Who cares? Everyone's so afraid to piss people off these days for fear of "political correctness"? One upon a time it was about accepting gays and lesbians; we've done that. But now it's almost the other way around; they need to accept us. Its almost like gays make normal heterosexuals feel bad about themselves these days lol

    Anyway, i'm heterosexual and I'm proud - people make fun of us all the time but as soon as something is said against a minority group all of a sudden all hell breaks loose. Sorry about the rant but god; get OVER it.

      Political correctness? How about blocking freedom of speech, which is basically what they've done in this case.

      What do you have to feel proud about being a heterosexual? It's the 'norm,' you don't have to do anything to be one or deal with anything out of the ordinary. No one makes fun of you for that reason. Do you really feel marginalised for being part of the majority. What a fascinating concept...

        Freedom of speech? Yea, that doesn't mean what you think it means. Privately owned venues, including forums, are perfectly within their rights to censor you.

    What a gay response.

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