Black Prophecy, The Other Online Space Shooter

For your viewing pleasure, here's seven minutes of gameplay footage from Black Prophecy, Reakktor Media's answer to the massively multiplayer online space shooter.

Black Prophecy is a 3D real-time combat space MMO that takes place in a dark universe crafted by German science fiction author Michael Marrak. The game premiered during the 2007 Game Convention in Leipzig, after which I hadn't heard much about it. Since then they've built up a website with a community and even a place to sign up for the upcoming beta test.

For years, fans of fast-action space combat have had to sit on the sidelines of the online community, making due with EVE Online, a brief stint with the now-dead Earth and Beyond, and a few Korean games that mean well but just don't do it for us. Now we've got Black Prophecy and Net Devil's Jumpgate on the horizon. It's definitely a good time to be a space cowboy.


    Awesome been waiting for a good space game since X-wing Vs Tie fighter! I would leave EVE for this, but I can seen there being ping issues here in Australia, but I really cross me fingers and hope that is not the case

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