BlazBlue Limited Edition Is Very Blue Indeed

Behold the ultimate blueness of Aksys Games' newly revealed limited collector's edition of BlazBlue.

Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Arc System Works' latest 2D fighter are getting the big box treatment by Aksys. The set not only contains a very pretty box and the game itself, but a 2-disc, 42-song soundtrack set and a bonus disc containing tutorials from the experts at and The video walks you through each character, showing you the ins and outs and delivering special tips for getting the most out of your favourite fighters.

How much would you pay for this much BlazBlue? That's the best part. The limited edition set is $US59.99, the same price as the game alone. In fact, players who've already pre-ordered the game are getting a free upgrade to the limited version. If you've not pre-ordered yet though, you might want to get that done now, as the limited edition set is first-run only, with the second run consisting of the game all by itself, looking sad and lonely.

Check out the Xbox 360 version of the limited edition below, which is exactly the same as the PlayStation 3 version, except for the lack of blu-ray and a bit more green.


    But this is US only right? Any word on Australian release and limited editions? :/

    there could be no australian release for it at the moment. But there ne no limited edition if it does come to australia. If you want the limited edition you have to get it from america. Don't worry the made it multi region for the xbox 360 so you can play a american version here (all playstaion 3 games are region free. Thank god they did that ^-^).

    360 version is region free so if you can get it from the US it will work.

      i have read it isnt region free! :S

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