Blizzard, Your iPhone Keep Your WoW Account Safe

For World of Warcraft players deadly serious about account security, Blizzard has released the Mobile Authenticator for the iPhone. No need to carry a keychain ever again!

The free iPhone app is now available for download through the iTunes App Store, giving World of Warcraft players peace of mind with the power of a unique identifying code. No longer will someone be able to log into your WoW account to see who you're cybering with on your personal time.

It works just like the already-released keychain version, but without the need for unique hardware. All that's required is a simple download and a quick change to your account.

If you don't have an iPhone, an iPod Touch with a working wi-fi connection will do. Expect Blizzard to offer a similar Mobile Authenticator for other mobile platforms and providers at some point in the future. Mobile Authenticator Now Available [World of Warcraft] Mobile Authenticator [iTunes]


    There are innumerable unspeakable internet devils waiting for those who dare walk the plains of Azeroth, or fly over Northrend's snowy peaks. And that's just in Dalaran's trade channel!

    Seriously, though, a WoW account is now worth more than a Credit Card number on the black market, and hundreds of scams, phishers, keyloggers are actively seeking to part users with their hard earned epic flying mount money.

    The Authenticator is an ideal solution, and a first step towards securing your account.

    Or it would be if you were allowed to buy it.

    The Authenticator was only available in the US at first, then later in Australia. Or at least, it was in theory. The fact is it's sold out, and has remained sold out ever since I've ever heard of them. You actually have to spawncamp them to have any chance of getting it. Seriously. There's no capacity to pre-order, no capacity to just pay and have them come when they're in.

    I'm happy to be able to get an application now that will do the same thing. The iPhone is an obvious choice (also works for iPod Touch, to my knowledge) but unfortunately that doesn't help ME at all. I hope Blizzard seriously look at more generic mobile platforms ASAP.

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