Blood Bowl Gets A Website, Beta Signups Begin

Cyanide Studios' video game version of the classic tabletop fantasy football game Blood Bowl has a brand new website chock full of game information, along with a sign-up page for the multiplayer PC beta test.

Of course when I say fantasy football, I am talking real fantasy football based in the Warhammer universe, with dwarves, orcs, lizardmen, and elves all fighting for control of the football battlefield. The official website for the game has just launched, filed with information on the playable races, videos, and screenshots like the one above, showing off the amazing amount of detail going into the game's arenas.

With the launch of the website comes the launch of multiplayer beta sign-ups. The beta is kicking off soon, giving players a chance to take control of human and orc teams, giving the code a good thrashing before it's finalised. Simply follow the link below and successfully navigate the shiny new web page to sign up.

Blood Bowl [Official Website]


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