Borderlands Still Alive, Still 'On The Radar'

It's been a while since we'd heard anything new from Gearbox Software on its original open-world sci-fi shooter Borderlands. But 2K Games says the delayed title is "still on the radar" for a 2009 release.

That's according to 2K Games reps who tell CVG the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC game is still on the 2009 slate. Parent company Take-Two said as much when it announced it's most recent quarterly earnings, estimating Borderlands' time of arrival as before October 31, 2009.

Perhaps it's the fact that it's been a long time coming — our first impressions of Borderlands are from August 2007, when we saw the game in action at the Leipzig Games Convention — that's giving potential fans worry. Perhaps it's the somewhat hazy status of Sega's Aliens games, one of which is in development at Gearbox.

But when you've gotta come up with 500,000 guns for your game, well, it takes a while.

2K: Borderlands "still on the radar" [CVG]


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