Brave Little Publisher Bringing Japanese Indie Games To The US

Bless you and your big hearts, Rockin Android. The new company, based out of LA, exist for a sole purpose: to publish Japanese indie games on the PC in the United States.

It's a niche market they're catering to, sure, but also one that's sure to be appreciative of the effort. As of now there are plans to publish four games, all of them shooters, but if you kids buy those, there will be more.

The pick of the bunch are probably Gundemonium and Suguri (pictured above, clip below), both of which come bundled in nice big compendiums, with stuff like extra missions, new soundtracks, etc.

Gundemonium and Suguri are US$20, with the other two (Flying Red Barrel & Qualia) $10. You can get them as either a DVD or a digital download, and as you'd expect from a labour of imported love like this, you'll have the option of playing the games in either English or their native Japanese.

Rockin Android [via TIGSource]


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