Bringing Bayonetta's Butt To Life

Don't think of "stylish action game" Bayonetta as Devil May Cry in heels, think of it as Devil May Cry in heels with a great arse.

On the Platinum Games blog, the game's modeler, Kenichiro Yoshimura, walks us through the process of modelling the character: from wireframe to finished product.

Yoshimura is quite to admit that tech-wise nothing special is going on. Rather, it's just a matter of hardware to bring realism to Bayonetta. He consulted with pictures of foreign models to get her body proportions correct and with females about her make-up.

"I really wanted to get Bayonetta's backside perfect," Yoshimura admits. "I guess I am into that sort of thing..." Kenichiro Yoshimura: building better character models, one rear at a time.

Modeling Bayonetta [Platinum Games]


    Good job, bro. Pushing gaming forward one butt cheek at a time. d=

    You're doing God's work, my man.

    This is why video games will never be taken seriously.

    Video games are already taken seriously, my friend.

    wut wut

    in the butt

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