Burnout Cops & Robbers Pack Priced

A brand new way to play Burnout Paradise online is coming this Thursday, and Criterion Games has revealed the price you have to pay for getting mixed up with the Cops & Robbers scene.

The Burnout Paradise Cops & Robbers pack introduces a ton of new police-themed makeovers for your favourite Paradise City rides, along with a brand-new online mode that pits criminals and the authorities against each other in a tug-of-war with a load of stolen gold. How much is all of this going to run? $US9.99 or 800 Microsoft points, with Europe paying €9.99 and the UK forking over £7.99.

Seems like a reasonable price to me, though I tend to prefer simply driving around and crashing into things randomly to any sort of organized play. So who plans on picking up the pack?


    @ca$h: I hope they are working on a new Burnout and not planning on using Paradise as a platform for rest of this generation.

    I have the complete opposite opinion. They've given us so much for free that I want to support them by buying the extra packs they're releasing. Paradise is a brilliant city/platform to build on. Keep up the awesome work Criterion!

    so in au about $15??
    ummm no thanx. ive watched their vid and it isnt worth more than $7
    i think it may be time to trade this one in. i'll wait to see how much the new island will set us back and then decide. its a pity thet didnt release this content last year when the game was worth playing. at this rate they'll be releasing dlc in 2015 still hahaha

    i noticed on the pc version, the prices of the cars get higher each time later ones come out.

    The special 4 pack was like $5 us, and the toys was like $8 us.

    Boost cars were like $10 for the 2 cars!

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