Company Of Heroes Expands With Tales Of Valor

One of the highest-rated real-time strategy games of all-time gets a standalone expansion this week in Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor.

Relic Entertainment's real-time strategy World War II masterpiece gets a healthy dose of new content with the Men of Valor standalone expansion, now available at retail, on Steam, and any number of digital delivering PC game stores around the internet. The box, be it digital or physical, contains three new single player campaigns, three new multiplayer modes, new units, new maps, and a direct-fire features that allows players to point and fire.

The new Invasion mode sounds particularly interesting, with a small force taking on increasingly powerful waves of enemies. It's like a real-time strategy version of Gears of War 2's Horde mode, only without all the chain sawing.


    A small expansion that breaks more then it fixes.. worth 50 bucks definately not. Worth it for continued coh support and patches? fuck yes.

    Hilariously, this game is US$49.99 (~AUS$70) on Steam. Nice work, THQ! Great way to beat the global recession- just charge an extra thirty bucks for games!

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