Dawn Of War II Demo Released

I loved Dawn of War II, but I'll also be the first to admit, it's an acquired taste. Might not be for everyone.

So it's handy that Relic have released a demo of the game!

It'll let players still on the fence about the whole thing get a feel for the sweeping changes made to the game, without having to risk their hard-earned, recession-riddled cash. If you like your tactics with a healthy dose of RPG, great. If you prefer your strategy a little "straighter", save your cash.

The demo is a well-rounded 333MB, and if you like what you see, you can take advantage of a Steam sale running at the moment whereby Dawn of War II is selling for 25% off.


    Might have been a good deal, if the price didnt go up for Aussie's at the same time. Before it was 25% off, it cost $59.99USD, now it costs $52.49USD ($69.99 - 25%).

    Its all well and good to have a sale, so long as you don't jack up the original price first.

    Why cant anybody just tell us how long the demo is, I've been looking everywhere for the length.

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