Dead Space Figure: Aim For His Limbs!

We caught a glimpse of this guy at the New York Toy Fair, but that was just a glimpse. Here's a good, hard look at NECA's Player Select take on the star of Dead Space.

Yes, that's Isaac Clarke, and he features "over 20 points of articulation". He also comes in two variants: the one you see here (which comes with the "Ripper" weapon), and another where he's covered in blood (which comes with my personal favourite, the Line Gun).

He'll be out later this year, and hopefully won't include messages from his whiny girlfriend.


    Fluffin' sweet.....!

    One of my favourite games of '08.

    I wonder why they chose the level 3 suit specifically. Oh well, they're all awesome. Do want!

    Dead Space was definitely the surprise game of '08 for me, loved it to pieces.

    The Level 3 suit was the one they used for all of Dead Space's promotional materials. I really hope both of them come with the iconic Plasma Cutter.

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