Dead Space Movie Now Streaming Instantly Via Netflix

Have a Netflix subscription? Are you able to stream "Watch Instantly" movies over the internet? Did you like Dead Space? Did you really like Dead Space? Then this is the post for you!

For the Kotaku readership that finds itself in the tiny wedge of the Venn diagram we're imagining to represent the above market sub-segment, you'll be happy to learn that the animated Dead Space movie is now available to stream via Netflix. Yes, even on your Xbox 360!

Dead Space: Downfall is the feature-length animated prequel to the Electronic Arts game, spinning the horrific yarn of space zombies versus miners.

I've yet to see it, but Netflix subscribers seem to have "Liked It" based upon its three stars out of five rating. Friendly neighbourhood tipster Tony also points out that Dead Space: Downfall "is also $8 at my local walmart." So, if you'd prefer to have a hard copy, head over to the Walmart nearest Tony.

Dead Space: Downfall [Netflix]


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