Demigod: 18,000 Customers, 100,000 Pirates

Poor Demigod had a rocky launch. Mainly because there were too many people trying to play the game. And why were there too many people? Because there were five pirates for every paying customer.

In a post on the game's forums, Stardock's Brad Wardell has revealed that the game's servers have been flooded with users trying to play the game. More users than they would have anticipated going by sales, as Wardell says internal data shows that while the game has been purchased by 18,000 people, there have been around 120,000 people trying to play the game over the past week.

So, yes, mostly pirated copies. Come on PC gamers. You wonder why companies decide to saddle you with crap like SecuROM, regardless of how ineffective and unpopular it is? It's because of statistics like that.

Demigod: Day 1 Status Report [Demigod]


    might aswell give them a week to try it, get them to like it then lock them out and make them pay for it, like a full version demo or something, could be a easy way to market the game and build a userbase

    If there are any Aussies using pirated copies, I bet it's because it hasn't even been released over here yet, and when it drops will go for an obscenely inflated price due to the 'exchange rate'.

    Now, I am hardly condoning piracy. But usually high cases like this are due to some kind of bullshit on the other end, be it middlemen, developers, DRM etc. Spore had the life torrented out of it simply because of the overbearing software protection.

    Oh hey, and to quote Mike Fahey and Stardock themselves:
    "The post also raises concerns that the early release maximizes piracy, as the game was only available through the one retail channel for several days, but Stardock looks on the bright side..."The good news, however, is that we'll get to actually see the effects of piracy"."

    The comment field on that article was a massive discussion on piracy, I would not be surprised in the least to find that contributed. Talk about pirates and they will flock to your product.

    I already own the game... Impulse preorder FTW ($60 if memory serves).

    Quite a cool game. I recommend it.

    Whose bright idea was it to let any Joe Blow connect to the server? Put a serial number in each box, and only let one person with that serial number at a time connect. Don't use a key generator (whose algorithm can be crack), use random numbers. Seems pretty simple to me.

    "Come on PC gamers. You wonder why companies decide to saddle you with crap like SecuROM, regardless of how ineffective and unpopular it is? It's because of statistics like that."

    As opposed to games laden with DRM, which don't actually let some paying customers play it? I'd prefer a hundred guilty men go free than one innocent man be locked up, personally...

    Oh thanks for reminding me about Demigod! I'll go buy it straight away! Oh wait, I can't: Australia.

    I gotta say that I agree. A company finally releases a game without all the usual DRM and authentication crud *coughs* sopre *hack* and look what people do. I have to agree with voodoo on having some sort of trial or demo however I doubt if 100,000 people have got the game for free few are going to spend the $60aus to buy it now(which is prty cheap if the aus dollar is strong when u buy it). I bought the game and except for small server issues its great, esp if your a fan of dota.

    what's with everyones comments being, Maybe his shirt should have read, ?

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