Devil May Cry 4 The Comic Book Now On Sale

Devil May Cry 4 has been novelised! Starting today, Devil May Cry 4 -Deadly Fortune-1, the first of two volumes, goes on sale in Japan for ¥600 (US$6).

The second volume hits retailers this summer on July 1. THORES Shibamoto is handling the book's illustration.

Devil May Cry -Deadly Fortune-1 is available at book retailers across Japan as well as online retailers like Amazon Japan.

-Dead Fortune-1 [Capcom]


    I didn't think it was possible, but Nero looks even gayer than before. I didn't think Capcom could butcher up an already shitty character. I stand corrected

    if you don't know it, in japan girls love the gay-liked, in fact, more gay-liked more better and more attractive....

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