Dr. Kawashima Brings Brain Training To PC

Dr. Ryuta Kawashima brings brain training to the PC next month in Namco Bandai's Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima.

Published by Namco Bandai Europe and distributed by Atari, Brain Training with Dr. Kawashima takes the same sort of brain training exercises we've seen in the Nintendo DS Brain Age series and brings them to the PC format, giving folks who sit in front of a computer all day something to do other than whatever it is they are being paid to sit in front of a computer all day for. It contains 36 different mini-games separated by which lobe of the brain they're meant to stimulate, with three different trainers to help chart your progress, including Mr. Random Panda in a Lab Coat.

Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima is due out on May 29th in Europe and PAL regions. A release stateside is most likely impending, though if hard-pressed you're sure to be able to order it online. It's not like PCs are region coded.


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