DSi Includes New Anti-Piracy Protection?

The DSi doesn't just include some hardware upgrades and the ability to download games directly to the system, it might also include more robust anti-piracy software as well.

Reports of some DS games, perhaps bootlegged copies of these games, not working on the DSi have started to show up in our mailbox and on several forums including GameSpot, IGN, Yahoo and CheapAssGamer.

Reached for comment, Nintendo declined to say whether the software and technology used to fight video game piracy in the DSi was any different from the DS.

"Nintendo vigorously fights the illegal copying of video games around the world.," a spokesperson said. "All of our hardware and software includes technological features that combat video game piracy, but we do not disclose what those specific features are."

Nintendo's anti-piracy site also doesn't detail any differences in the DSi, though it stands to reason that a new platform would include upgraded piracy tech.


    Writing This from → A DSi ←™ Nintendo have stated that the DSi was built to block the use off ''MOST FLASHCARTS'' like R4 & CYCLODS if you didn't know the DSi's hardware and CPU/GPU Are custom 133MHZ the software and hardware are alot different on the DSi and DSLite/Ancient Console. DSi is made to not boot if a flash cart is in its Game Slot-1

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