DSiCade Takes Browser Games On The Go

If you've run through your DSiWare points budget and you're still looking for something to do, point your browser over to DSiCade, a site for fan-made browser games.

It's only at a beta-stage so far, so you can choose among a Simon-style memory game (pictured) a Missile Command-type game (which I couldn't get to work) and a shoutbox, should you feel like bellowing your love for the DSi into the ether.

It has a way to go before it's the level of the WiiCade, but at least it is a start.

DSiCade [site via Go Nintendo]


    Somebody tried to be me on dsiCade shoutbox and they said something rude and we both got banned cuz they pretended to be me. ARGH!!!

    i cant log in on dsicade why please help me also this is FUNNY on shoutbox anyway cool game awsome

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