EA: No Henry Hatsworth For Australia

EA: No Henry Hatsworth For Australia
hatsworth_normalIGN brings some very disappointing news for DS owners. Inspired puzzle-platformer Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure will not be released in Australia.

IGN heard it straight from the horse’s mouth, with an EA Australia spokesperson saying:

“Unfortunately this title isn’t being released locally.”

Which is a bit of a tragedy really, as the combination of side-scrolling platforming on the top screen and block-matching puzzling on the bottom screen looked pretty nifty. Still, Henry Hatsworth did get released in North America last month, so feel free to import away!

No Henry Hatsworth for Australia [IGN]


  • and this is why Nintendo should NEVER EVER regionalise their console DS and DSi

    At least we don’t miss out on it via import

    • @DansDans…
      when will these halfwit publishers ever learn? My daughter and wife have ds’s and both have mod carts. so at least for my household the non-release of a game really doesnt mean jack! i’ll get it anyway. typical of ea too. remember rock band? i think that debacle scared their reputation in au for quite a while. i havent “bought” an ea game since then and probably wont for quite some time. i have modded ds’s, 360, wii and psp. i modded them exactly because companies like ea were screwing us and thought they dont deserve my $$$. dont get me wrong, i still buy heaps of games just not anything published by companies that have pissed me off in the past. atm i have around 40ish legit games in my ent unit.

  • And these companies wonder why people pirate games? Seriously if you aren’t even going to try and sell it to me how am i supposed to feel bad about downloading it?

  • I thought only DSi Ware content (and possibly DSi exclusive games – of which none exist yet) were going to be region locked.

    DS games remain unaffected yairs?

  • I downloaded this for my Acerkard and fucking loved it, I decided to delete it and buy it locally because it’s a game that deserved to be supported.

    But now, fuck, this is just retarded.

  • Absolutely agree with Ben. I was waiting to buy this (mostly to support the developer for making an outstanding game) but if EA can’t be bothered to bring this game in locally so I can buy it, well then I can’t be bothered going to the trouble of importing it, so I’ll keep my pirated version.

    If it were developed by an independent studio, I’d probably still import it in the hopes that they get some of the money (as would be deserved for Henry), but Tiburon are now EA-owned and have their wages already. Colour me guilt-free.

  • its funny how most of us think alike. i actually wonder if ea have something against our country? maybe because we only have ~21million people here and not 200million inbred hicks like the US.
    meh. piracy FTW!!

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