EA Sports Complex Races Onto PlayStation Home

EA has launched the first phase of their EA Sports Complex in PlayStation Home, delivering new things to see and do in Sony's virtual world.

The EA Sports Complex is a massive new area to explore in PlayStation Home, with trailers to watch, teasers to view, and a couple of mini-games to whet your appetite for more mini-games to come. Launching in Europe and North America today, the complex already boasts two mini-games for those EA Sports fans who aren't tearing up the internet in their favourite titles: the four-player formula action of EA Sports Racing and an entire floor filled with poker tables, much like the one that recently debuted in EA's Godfather II space in Home.

All of this is just the beginning, with a Gold mini-game, poker brackets, leaderboards, and a rewards system all in the works. To see it all in action, either log in to PlayStation Home or check out the video below!


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