EA Sports: Note To Self, Must Do Better On Wii

File this under "insightful": EA Sports boss and part-time tattoo aficionado Peter Moore has told Eurogamer that his brand is under-performing on Nintendo's dominant home console.

I think we need to continue to work on the Wii. When I look at the attach rate on the Wii of our software to where I think we should be, we're under-performing still, we need to do much better

Sure do. Know a good place to start, Pete? Konami's Pro Evo. While the shinier versions of EA's FIFA have gone 3-1 up at halftime against Pro Evolution, it's a different story on Wii, where Pro Evo is one of the best examples on the whole console as to how to implement Wii controls with a little flair and imagination.

Moore: EA is under-performing on Wii [Eurogamer]


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