Ease In The Weekend With The Braid Soundtrack

Ease In The Weekend With The Braid Soundtrack

Ease your way out of work and into weekend mode with the lovely soundtrack from Jonathan Blow’s Braid, now available for free online play and purchase.

As innovative as Braid’s gameplay is, one of the best aspects of that game is it’s music. Jonathan Blow licensed tracks from Magnatune artists Cheryl Ann Fulton, Shira Kammen and Jami Sieber, proving that you don’t have to hire a composer to find music that fits your video game to a tee. In honour of the game’s PC release, Blow and Magnatune worked together to create an official soundtrack for the game, consisting of Braid’s eight original tracks and remixes of “Maenam” and “Undercurrent” by Jon Schatz.

The soundtrack can be purchased as a CD or MP3s on the Magnatune website for varying amounts of money, depending on how much you feel the music is worth to you. Or, adversely, you could just listen to the embeddable player we’ve placed below until the end of time.

Music from Braid by Sieber, Kammen, Fulton and Schatz
Music from Braid [Magnatune – Thanks Evan!]

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