Edge Explores The Genesis Of The PlayStation

The history of Sony's original PlayStation is largely well known to gamers, born of a disagreement with Nintendo, who it once partnered with to provide a CD-ROM drive for the Super Nintendo.

That disagreement, which reportedly infuriated Sony president Norio Ohga, let to a transition in power. Edge explores the birth of the console that would ultimately change the landscape of the industry, with Sony chinking away at the armour of then-dominant consoles from Sega and Nintendo with its PlayStation. As a companion piece to the magazine's historical piece on the "Fall of Nintendo," it's a fascinating follow-up.

Not only do readers get a peek at preliminary PlayStation logos and the evolution of the console's controllers, we get a chance to see the old Sony guard, when Phil Harrison had hair and Ken Kutaragi had a real job.

The Making Of: PlayStation [Edge-Online]


    That's very cool, I've never seen the prototype Playstation before. Props to EDGE for getting all that info!

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