Eidos President For Life

In the wake of British game company Eidos being acquired by Japan's Square Enix, Order of the British Empire honoree Ian Livingstone has been awarded a new title.

Livingstone will oversee the Tomb Raider and Hitman franchises as "Life President of Eidos". Says Livingstone, "I'm delighted with new role of life president as it gives me the opportunity to further promote the good ship Eidos and the industry too. I never get tired talking about games."

And hopefully he'll never get working at Eidos, because "Life President" means Livingstone got that role, well, for life. He will also continue to do his part promoting the game industry in the UK, working with the government on issues such as tax credits for game companies.

Livingstone takes life president role at Eidos [GamesIndustry via VG247][Pic]


    Ian Livingston co-authored the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks from my 80s teenage years. They are treasured 'geek' memories. They guy can do no wrong in my eyes!

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