ESA's Lobbyist-Womans Is Gone

A little over two months after being named the "senior v.p. for government affairs" (read: top lobbyist) for the Entertainment Software Alliance, Jennifer A. Manner is now gone.

Her experience, touted by ESA chief Michael Gallagher when she was hired, turned out to be lacking according to some reports. Manner apparently did not have "extensive" experience with Capitol Hill or White House figures according to the National Journal, an A-list Washington insider publication. pointed out that Gallagher cited Manner's "wealth of policy experience, particularly in the broadband space," in the announcement of her hiring on Feb. 18. That may be, but something wasn't working out, and the two have parted ways. The ESA confirmed the separation and said a search for a replacement is underway.

ESA Government Lobbyist Out after Two Months []


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