Everybody Likes, Nobody Hates New Worms Screens

Sure, Worms is already out on the PlayStation Store here in North America, but who are we to deny the readership "new" screens of the PlayStation 3 version of Worms.

Frankly, we didn't make a big deal of Worms' release on the PlayStation Store, but we're trying to make it up to Team 17. Besides, it's not often we get to put adorable snowmen on the front page of Kotaku. Consider this more of a reminder that your hard-earned US$12.99 can score you a digital copy of the recent PSN release.

Europe, you're getting it within the next week or so. So hype yourself with new media.

worms screen 20090407 1.jpg

worms screen 20090407 2.jpg

worms screen 20090407 3.jpg

worms screen 20090407 4.jpg

worms screen 20090407 5.jpg

worms screen 20090407 6.jpg


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