Faith Fighter Returns With An All-New Sequel!

Faith Fighter was great, but some people complained, and now, it is gone. But that's OK. Because no sooner is Faith Fighter gone than a sequel arrives!

In a response to the "manufactured controversy" that surrounded the year-old game earlier this week, a new, improved version of Faith Fighter has been made available on Molleindustria's website.

Faith Fighter 2 is the sequel of the infamous game that outraged over 1.3 billions of muslims from 57 countries. The scandal resulted in a ban from all the internets!

We regretted the use of irony and violence and this time we want to offer you a positive, nonviolent educational game that teaches the universal values of tolerance and respect. This is a very simple game that can be played by children of all ages, religious leaders and even journalists!

They're right, Faith Fighter 2 is far simpler than its predecessor. Though don't take it too easy, because the stakes are much higher this time, and if you lose, well...

[Faith Fighter 2]


    This just proves that they are indeed doing it to ridicule religion. I can say with confidence that if a game came out that was about gay and lesbian people fighting each other, it would not receive such a warm reception. Or how about a game in which the player is controlling planes flying into various buildings? Neither games would be acceptable, yet Faith Fighter is to you people? Double standards are really in these days, huh?

      Actually, if it was gay and lesbian people fighting each other, or flying planes into buildings it really wouldn't bother me either.

      No one cries quite as much as zealous religious people though, I'm pretty sure they'd be the ones complaining even if it was about gay and lesbians or flying planes into buildings and had nothing to do with them.

      Something about trying to push morals onto other people goes hand in hand with religion.

      Fighting games already have gays in them (can't think of any lesbians though).

      This game is obviously satire and brings across the idea that all religions are the same, and cause war worldwide. It's not simply to piss you off, as you seem to think.

      What a ridiculous analogy. Sexual preference is hardly similar to your viewpoint about the world and how it came about. Especially since much of the reason homophobia is still alive and well is because it is fueled by the intolerant messages in religious texts.

      I pose the same question to you about double standards. If this were about political parties and you had Bob Brown and Kevin Rudd squaring off in a battle of the leftists, would you be complaining that it was insulting or disrespectful? Whilst you don't exactly base your life around political views, they reflect the values you hold in a similar way that religion seems to. Its time religion stepped off its pedestal and allowed itself to be subjected to the same scrutiny and dare I say even satirical comedy that every other viewpoint in the world is subjected to.

      As BrendanT said, this is a satire, and while you might see it as insulting it is clearly suggesting a harmless message to consider. I don't see why this would be banned when something like that family guy episode with "passion of the christ 2" is allowed to air. Surely that is far more offensive to christians than fist fights with other deities.

      Anyway, I love the fact that they replied to the ban with another message through their game.

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