Fight Night Round 4 Is Stylin'

EA shows off some of the different fighting styles represented in Fight Night Round Four.

It's really quite amazing to see the different techniques and styles used by competitors in a game that can be simply described as hit the other guy until he falls down. For those of you who'd rather not get into the specifics of technique, there are plenty of guys getting punched in the face in slow motion as well, so everybody wins.


    Funny how each FN4 article brings out the UFC fanboys that spam post about how they train MMA and that the UFC will be/is sooooo much better than any boxing game. Boxing is an older, refined sport, that is world wide and an olympic event. UFC is wrestling for people that that are sick of the excessive costumes in WWE. Why not create a competition where you put two guys in a cage, each with a plank of 4x2? Same entertainment factor. Either way I'll play the game but don't fool yourself that UFC will ever get close to boxing as a "sport".

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