Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete Sells Over 100,000 On First Day

Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete Sells Over 100,000 On First Day

Last week Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete went on sale in Japan. The Blu-ray CG animated movie brought with it something eagerly anticipated by Japanese gamers: the Final Fantasy XIII demo.

According to early software sales reports, the movie has been doing exceedingly well. It’s reported to have sold over 100,000 copies in its first day alone. Not impressed? Let’s put things in context.

If this early data is correct, FFVII: ACC has done light years better than the top selling anime on Blu-ray last year. Have a look at the top three selling Blu-ray anime for 2008:

1. Macross F (Frontier) 1: 34,742 copies
2. Macross F (Frontier) 2: 27,137
3. Macross F (Frontier) 3: 25,479

It’s also surprising that FFVII: ACC did so well for Blu-ray, which is of course a new format and not as widespread as DVD. Couple this with FFVII: ACC being a re-release, and you’ve got a successful Blu-ray anime launch.

To sum it up: FFXIII was a big sales push no doubt — and a hint of what’s to come for the game’s PS3 release.

「ファイナルファンタジーVII アドベントチルドレン コンプリート」初日で約10万本 [忍之閻魔帳][Pic]


  • could this be a sign the *Japanese* world is ready for Blu-ray? Looks like it 😀 although I still need to get a player XDDD and undoubtedly sales where pushed up by the Demo, it’s the main reason why I would have brought 😀

  • That guy in the picture looks so cool with his gloves and ladies bike. I’m so glad the blu ray will add definition to his rippling muscles…

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