Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Blu-ray Box Art Delights

Gaze upon the carefully rendered work that is Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete's Blu-ray box art, which features enough perfectly groomed hair and giant sword to satisfy any Japanese role-playing game fetishist.

The Japanese release, with its clearly inferior box art, is just a few days away, something we expect to do exciting things for PlayStation 3 sales in its homeland. At least for this week, as the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete special edition PlayStation 3 will likely kick hardware sales up a notch.

It will also bring about the masses' first opportunity to play Final Fantasy XIII, as well as carry some high-definition trailers along with it. We'll have to wait until June to get it here in the Americas. Until then, we'll just stare at these two lovely men as they fly toward the other's embrace.

US Advent Children Complete Boxart Revealed [UFF Site - thanks, Alex!]


    Any idea if this movie is Region Free like the FF XIII demo??
    In Tokyo at the moment, will pick it up if it was...


    Yes ACC is region free. The Japanese version doesn't include subtitles, though, but it does have an English dub. :)

    does anyone know when it's coming to australia?

    i wanna know when it is coming to Australia I've been looking for it for ages but no news what so ever im getting annoyed please does anyone know

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