Flash Fridays: Puzzle Bloom

Flash Fridays: Puzzle Bloom

Fans of the rejuvenating gameplay of Flower or De Blob will find the same kind of soothing joy of bringing life to the world in Puzzle Bloom.

You play a wisp that is able to possess the poor inhabitants of this dull brown world. When close enough to another, you can jump between them and assume control of your new avatar. A simple early puzzle sees you guide one avatar to a pressure pad that opens a door, then jump to a second avatar and proceed through the door. Things quickly develop into complex, multi-stage tasks that require plenty of forethought.

The idea is to find trigger points – swirly green circles on the ground – that when stepped on will transform the surrounding world into a lush green environment full of trees, grass and flowers.

There’s an analogy to be made with Friday afternoons there somewhere, I’m sure…

Puzzle Bloom [official site]


  • More accurately, this is isn’t a flash game at all – it’s unity plugin

    Unity Friday… doesn’t ring 🙁

  • My goodness, no need to get our knickers in a knot about whether or not the feature game is a flash game! Alliteration is a beautiful thing.

    I like this regular feature, Mr. Goose. Keep it up.

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