For Those With Too Much Money: The Elite Racer Pro

Custom racing rigs are nothing new. Heck, A few years back I played Race Driver inside a real V8 Supercar on a 30-foot screen. But we rarely see custom racing rigs this pretty.

This is the Elite Racer Pro, and unlike many other racing setups, this one does not skimp on quality or looks. It has in-built vibration. It has a real racing seat (your choice of three real racing seat manufacturers). It has a custom-built PC gaming machine, and it has a 32", 1080p Bravia right in front of your face.

No idea how much this will cost, but looking at those ingredients, we'd guess it's "a lot".

Elite Racer Pro Is More Fun Than Watching Vin Diesel Act [Gizmodo]


    Looks sweet but for the money I'd rather an old Escort to fang around in! Yeeew!

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