Fuel Tells Players Where To Go

Magical floating sky arrows replace the standard GPS system in the post-apocalyptic world of Codemasters' Fuel.

I'm not exactly sure what Codemasters' marketing folks were thinking when they decided to create a trailer that compared modern-day car navigation systems with red arrows flying through the sky in the direction you are supposed to be heading. One is a relatively mundane technological tool, while the other is obviously a result of the dark magics that created the apocalypse in the first place. The game blames global warming, but once you start harnessing demonic energies to help you find the nearest Wal-Mart the world is pretty much screwed no matter what direction the temperature is moving.


    that is not racing music! god damn it!
    for who does that music make people want to roar across the road
    what they need is some qotsa and sabbath

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