Game Music as Porno Soundtracks

Bow-chika-bow-bow in chiptunes would be bleep-dinka-bink-bink or something, right? Or it'd sound like this boot-knockin' mixtape an obviously bored (and, today, who isn't?) The -Minus World put together.

Here are the five soundtrack candidates for the hot monkey sex you've always seen other people having but were too afraid to pay for yourself.

• Killer 7 - White Sugar
• Mega Man 2 - Wood Man Theme
• Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Casino Night Zone
• Disgaea: HOD - You Go Girl
• Marvel VS. Capcom 2 - Player Select Theme

The Wood Man pun is obvious. But when it comes (snicker) to sex, I'm not sure anything involving a quickdraw artist like Sonic the Hedghog is a good theme.

Links to each of the tracks are over on The -Minus World's page.

Five Video Game Songs That Would Make Perfect Porno Music [The -Minus World. Image also MW's.]



    I think ANYTHING from MvC2 would do. All the music in that game was pretty fruity.

    I agree with Sonic, none else.

    Though the car showroom music in Gran Turismo 3 would be awesome, but would the chick would need to be wearing heels, and selling me a car.

    And nooooobody felt the need to mention Godot's Theme? Bajesus people, know your porno music. ;P

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