GameStop Still Utterly Reliant On Used Game Sales

You probably already know that. But recent sales data collated by Gamasutra shows just how badly the company needs your used games, with preowned sales accounting for nearly half of the company's profits.

See for yourself in the graph above, which shows that used product sales - which combines the sale of preowned games and consoles - make up 48% of the company's gross profit margin (which is "the gross profit divided by total revenue").

You all keep whining at the low trade-in value of your games at GameStop, and yet, you all keep trading your games in at GameStop...

There's more information (and more coloured graphs!) at the link below.

In Depth: The State Of GameStop, Part One [Gamasutra]


    That's not how I read that graph. The way I read it they're just showing the profit margin they earn per dollar. And clearly used games are the highest margin and new hardware are the lowest margin. Nothing new there.

      (another graph in the linked article does indicate the conclusion you're referring to, just not the one you've displayed)

    It's called EB Games in Australia...

    Stores like this will absolutely not pricematch used games against brand new games which is rediculous really. All used games are grossly overpriced staying the same price years later even after the retail price of new copies goes down and even when a sequel comes out.

    I hate shopping at those places.

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