GameStop: 'Keep Reserving DSi!'

Whenever Nintendo hardware product launches, there's usually chatter about shortages — because, well, usually it's true.

We've been hearing talk about DSi shortages, but this GameStop memo seems to indicate otherwise. While it does read that "many of you noticed that your initial allocation was low", the employee memo adds, "the remainder of your product, including any reserves that are currently outstanding as well as new reserves, will ship out on Thursday to arrive on Friday."

The DSi goes on sale this Sunday in North America.

To recap the memo adds that all orders will be filled and that stores cans till reserve the handheld. So, from the sound of this, those who want the DSi should be able to pick one up at launch. Whew.

Kotaku AU Note: Anyone have difficulty finding a DSi here?


    I got my DSi first day without a hitch from EB. When I purchased mine (on the DSLite trade-in) they said they only had two left. One black, one white. That was at around 4pm on a Thursday shopping night... so im pretty sure they would have sold out.

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