Go Play Scarygirl

Scarygirl is a game that... well, it's hard to describe. It's an adventure game, it's a puzzle game, it's a platformer. It's also completely free to play. Oh, and it's wonderful.

You can play it here. Hard to believe that it's a free game, what with it being more charming, imaginative (and enjoyable) than most $50 titles out there.



    And it's Australian. Nathan J is an amazing artist, and i can't wait to play this game.

    For the people getting a (false) virus warning, I heard the programmers are looking into this now to find out why this is happening.

    (The files have all been checked by AVG virus checker which comes up clean and it seems only people using Symantec are having a problem with the file being detected as a trojan)

    For anyone that was getting a false virus warning previously (from Norton), the file in question is no longer being detected as a virus.
    ...There never actually was a virus, but the programmers worked out a way to fix the problem so there's no need for anybody to worry about any virus at all anymore. ;)

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